About Us

Personal Best Vests was born of two major passions. A passion for graphic design and a passion for running. Here is the result of a combination of over a decade of professional design experience running alongside (pun intended!) a journey from couch to 5K through to a championship start at a world marathon major.

Through our running journey so far we have travelled the globe, smashed milestones, represented at club events and overcome mental and physical barriers in order to reach heights we never dreamed possible. We just needed the perfect keepsakes to remind us of our amazing achievements…


Our Core Values

Promoting Achievements
Building Community
Valuing All


Promoting Achievements — We are dedicated to celebrating personal achievements throughout all levels of athletics, from newbies right through to world record holders. We aim to collect and share inspirational stories from all over the globe to help inspire and motivate others along the way. Through the combination of our personalised art prints and individual stories we will not only be celebrating the achievements of individuals themselves but also promoting their represented clubs, charities and coaches.

Building Community — Although we all have our own personal goals and targets, most of us would be lost without the continued support of our running community. Whether this be a group of friends who get together at a certain time each week for a catch up and a run or a large team of runners all working towards representing their club at a particular event, community plays a huge part in our sport. We aim to highlight this by working together with clubs, charities, event directors and coaches in order to celebrate all things running.

Valuing All — We would like each one of our prints to not only provide value to the individual on a personal level, but also on a wider scale through supporting the future of grassroots athletics and many other worthwhile causes in the process.

What do Personal Best Vests mean to us?

Personal — Every one of us has our own reasons for why we first decide to put on a pair of running shoes, tie up those laces and head out for our first few tentative steps into the unknown. Maybe it’s a health conscious decision or a desire to better ourselves, maybe it’s a way to help us deal with the stresses of our everyday lives or, sadly, it could even be through the loss of a loved one and a need to raise awareness and funds in order to keep their spirits alive and help others. Whatever our reasons, running is a very personal activity.

Best — Deep within us all is a burning desire to be the best that we can be. Whether we are training to run our first ever 5k or we’re a world class Olympian, we work hard to reach our goals. After all our dedication and determination we deserve to celebrate our incredible achievements in style.

Vests — After weeks and months of hard work and dedication the day is finally here. Whether we proudly run in our club colours or choose to be seen supporting our chosen charity, the vest we wear is a really important part of our journey come event day. From the nervous anticipation of the start line to the sheer elation of crossing that finish line with a brand new PB, the vest goes through it all.