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Guest Blog Post by Paul Maunoury

Rather than do a normal review, I thought I’d do a little blog of how I first came across Personal Best Vests and the lovely people who run it.

Just over a year ago I was taking a look around the charity village, it was a Run For All event at Sheffield, and it was there I came across Martyn And Ashleigh. I had just finished the 10k and had done really well, not elite athlete standards, but something I and my wife Tina where proud of and we saw these little mementos which were very unusual as I’d not seen anything like this before.

I was intrigued and I asked questions about the vests and both Ashleigh and Martyn where very knowledgeable and extremely helpful, they helped me decide which one I would like as the frames came in various sizes. I chose the one I wanted, which I thought was great value for money and an amazing memento of a very special day. I was very happy with it and once it was ordered it reached me in just a matter of days which was pretty amazing.

I didn’t do any more Run For All events after this until earlier this year when it was the Hull 10k, my hometown run, and again I went to the charity village before the event and Martyn and Ashleigh were there and we had a nice little chat and they where both very encouraging and seemed genuinely interested in how I was doing, so when I came back after the run I just had to have another frame as my running was just getting better.

They both remembered me and Tina which was nice, so that was my second frame and again after ordering that it reached me within a few days - great service once more.

Next up was York 10k and again saw both of them before the event which was nice and by this time now we felt we weren’t just customers, but friends too. I found both Martyn and Ashleigh two of the nicest and kindest people I know and the encouragement they gave me really spurred me on - so much so that I got yet another PB, which was another excuse to order a frame. Ashleigh actually took part in this event and she did really well too.

I said before I left I would see them both again at Sheffield 10k, but not to expect anything special as I thought I’d hit my peak last year, how wrong was I, as I totally smashed it by over a minute and a half, and got under 44 minutes which may not seem much to some people, but to me I was absolutely buzzing for days.

I was on a real high so that was my fourth frame and now on to Lincoln 10k at the end of the month. I’m just hoping we don’t get a repeat of last year when it absolutely poured down and I can get my fifth frame.

Both Ashleigh and Martyn have been very helpful in helping me get other Personal Best Vests for non-Run For All events as I’m hoping they can help me with one to recognise the Great North Run and the massive achievement I did there.

If anyone is looking for a gift or memento from a running event they have done well in, then look no further than Personal Best Vests - Martyn and Ashleigh will sort you out and also go the extra mile, they did for me, and I like to think I can now call them friends too.

Thanks to you both for all you’ve done
Paul & Tina Maunoury

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