Caroline's London Marathon

Many of us have been reflecting on our previous marathon experiences this week. Thank you to Caroline for sharing a snap of her Personal Best Vest and other London Marathon mementos along with a few words.

"After a couple of disappointing marathons, last year I trained harder than ever. I committed everything to my marathon training. Consistent training, a lot of hard work, determination and a little luck at getting a full run up with no injuries or missed sessions.

I learnt lessons from all my previous marathons and prepared like never before. I was so excited at the start line, and a little nervous, but I knew I could do it.

My focus was always to see my time beginning with 3:05. I so desperately wanted a marathon time that reflected my ability. And it happened! I have never been so proud of a race time, of everything it took to achieve this.

I was also relieved that I could take a break from the marathon, having achieved what I wanted. Which turned out to be a good decision as breaking my wrist meant a lot of missed training, and then just as I thought I might enter one last minute anyway, just for fun, they all got cancelled!

Marathon training is a long slog, but so so worth it when it goes right!"

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