Rory and Darrel's Chicago and Manchester Marathons

Not strictly a #MedalMonday but still some cracking new race bling we reckon! Thanks to Basingstoke-based Hatch Warren Runners Rory and Darrel for sharing a little about their Manchester and Chicago races and what these super sub 3 marathons and Personal Best Vest prints mean to them both.

Darrel on Manchester Marathon 2019
"No matter your age or where you are in your running journey, what defines you as a runner is your ambition to improve. Success in your running can mean several things to you, and breaking a PB can often be the pinnacle of that success. Running PBs aren’t always guaranteed, so when they come, no matter how small the improvement, they should always be celebrated. My framed vest from Personal Best Vests is a permanent reminder and celebration of all that I achieved through my marathon journey and what it meant to me in running a new PB."

Rory on Chicago Marathon 2019
"Getting a personal best in a running race, especially at marathon distance is a feeling that is near on impossible to replicate. Nothing beats that true emotion when you cross the finish line and realise the countless hours of dedication and commitment were completely worth it! For me Chicago was that absolute confirmation that my previous sub 3 hour marathon wasn’t a one off, a fluke or perhaps a good day. I can truly say this was the only marathon where I have loved EVERY moment of it. With that in mind having a constant reminder of my race on my study wall courtesy of the guys at Personal Best Vests is fantastic. You’ll certainly be giving me a constant reminder of the time to beat in New York."

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